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Cosentino appoint Keller Design Centre Elite Showroom Status

Gaining Elite status with Cosentino gives us access to the more exclusive products available from Cosentino including some new 12mm slimline solid surfaces but over and above all this getting Elite status is an endorsement from a Global supplier of the quality of work we produce that they'd like their products to be further associated with. So thank you Cosentino.

Manufacturer puts our designs into production for their own range.

We learnt yesterday that Crown Imperial the manufacturers of the high gloss ebony handleless kitchen components we adapted to create an ultra high gloss and minimalistic suite of bedroom furniture in Lytham (see our Gallery) have added our concept to their own range of bedroom furniture. We are pleased to have been of help!


We are having a sale thoughout January with the emphasis on getting a design agreed and a deal struck so orders can be placed with the manufacturers and installations can be completed before Easter. This is specifically because not enough people realise it can take 8-10 weeks to get everything organised and scheduled and 28 years experience tells us Easter is for many the aspirational time to have had a new kitchen or bedroom project completed before guests and family descend for a holiday.


No negatives -just photo's.

As far as we are aware we are the ONLY company in our field not to rely on any manufacturers photographic studio shots and studio scenes to support our web site - choosing instead to use only our own photographs of real lived in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms designed exclusively by us and installed into real homes. Thats how proud we are of what we do.

Amtico Flooring Dealership Awarded.

We are very pleased to be appointed as an Amtico Flooring Dealer for Lytham and the surrounding area. A comprehensive display stand has been installed on our first floor and whilst most of our work with Amtico will revolve around our fitted kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms we see no reason not to undertake flooring projects in other rooms too.

View An Installation.

We are delighted that a client of ours has popped into the showroom to tell us we can send potential new clients around to her house to look at her new kitchen if we want........what better recommendation can there be than not just the comments of a past client but seeing the kitchen in all its glory as well. 

Bio-mass Pellet Stoves arrive in Lytham.

Bio-mass Pellet Stove

Bio-mass Pellet Stove arrives.

Log Burner-Wood Burning Stoves

Log Burner-Wood Burning Stove

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