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Headroomgate Rd.

In the last 5 years we have installed a home office to number 59 - fitted kitchens to numbers 79 and 81 - then a nip back to do a bathroom and bedroom at 59 - then a massive kitchen at number 75 - then a kitchen at number 44 and now we are off to do a 2nd bedroom at number 59.



My task is to read things not yet on the page.

Many kitchen showrooms choose to give customers what they think they want, but that's not my approach.

My job is to figure out what you are GOING to want. Henry Ford said "If I'd asked customers what they wanted they would have told me a faster horse!" People don't know what they want until it is shown to them.

Nothing rings truer in our showroom where clients very rarely finish up with what they thought they were coming in to buy.

Velux Skylight

more daylight in your kitchen

If you suffer with poor quality daylight in your kitchen why not have us fit a Velux window in your pitch roof at the end of a light tunnel as part of your kitchen refurbishment? They operate with solar power and have rain sensors to close them automatically,

Charlie Luxtons 'Homes By The Sea'

I was surprised and delighted to see one of our kitchens on TV last night - it is installed in a luxury home on the Solway Firth and was visited by Charlie Luxton as part of his series 'Homes By The Sea' 

Home Office

Crown Lifestyle Home Office.

This snapshot never made it to the main Gallery but its a nice little example of what can be done in a niche to create an effective cheerful little home office space with some useful storage for books. The printer and hob are located within the base cupboards.

The product used was Crown Lifestyle.


allmilmo Pia kitchens

Its easy to see why the Pia kitchen by Allmilmo Design Art won Interior innovation award for 2105. We are astounded by the level of accuracy in alignment of the brushed steel curved cabinets. Its like micrometers have joined laser beams in the allmilmo factory. Even engineers from our local British Aerospace depot marvel at the accuracy. We are delighted to have allmilmo in our showroom.

Allmilmo Pia Kitchen.

Allmilmo Kitchens Pia range.

Here we are trying to get you to think differently about kitchens by installing the PIA kitchen by Allmilmo and using some vibrant colours too. It is work in progress and we expect to install Kuppersbusch appliances in the apertures in the near future.

Allmilmo Kitchens

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of Allmilmo Kitchens in our showroom. The display is currently under construction and when complete will be an absolute showstopper. We have worked hard over the last 5 years to demonstrate to this premier German manufacturer we are worthy of such a prestigious honour - in fact we are only the fifth showroom in the UK to have Allmilmo Kitchens. There is a link to Allmilmo Kitchens web site on our home page; just click on the Allmilmo logo.



Cosentino appoint Keller Design Centre Elite Showroom Status

Gaining Elite status with Cosentino gives us access to the more exclusive products available from Cosentino including some new 12mm slimline solid surfaces but over and above all this getting Elite status is an endorsement from a Global supplier of the quality of work we produce that they'd like their products to be further associated with. So thank you Cosentino.

Manufacturer puts our designs into production for their own range.

We learnt yesterday that Crown Imperial the manufacturers of the high gloss ebony handleless kitchen components we adapted to create an ultra high gloss and minimalistic suite of bedroom furniture in Lytham (see our Gallery) have added our concept to their own range of bedroom furniture. We are pleased to have been of help!