Bio-mass Pellet Stoves arrive in Lytham.

Bio-mass Pellet Stove

Bio-mass Pellet Stove arrives.

Italy is the home of Pellet Stoves and pellet burning (compressed wood dust) is being encouraged by the Government as an alternative to gas or oil, so much so that in 2014 they will be offering grants to encourage you to install one. The pellets burn slowly in a fire box and the generated heat (up to 11kW) is blown by electric fans along flexible pipes to other rooms in your house. So instead of having a massive radiator getting up to incredible temperatures to keep a room warm you can have blown warm air brought through at floor level. And the savings on your fuel bills will be substantial! They also do models that can heat your water as well as blow warm air. There are many different sizes and modesl to choose from.

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